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About the Curriculum

  1. Rockin Learn--Courses come from an American Education Institute called EducationX
  2. iLifeUS course is a series of courses developed by EducationX,  an American educational institution. These courses were developed by referring to the latest and best education theory and practice of America. EducationX was founded in California, America and is composed of   many senior education experts from U.S. and China. The institute also developed collaborative relationships with  many schools and education institutions. This course is a comprehensive integration of the world's most successful children's education curriculum system and methods such as innovation courses, Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori Approach, Waldorf Approach, and game-oriented education philosophy, among many others. Developed in America, these courses draws on the essence of the above-mentioned education approaches and are one of the most advanced course series focuses on “whole person” development.
  1. From the dimension of content, our course is divided into four parts, which covers the individual's development (Self), close relationship around us (Connect), environment exploration around us (Explore) and future development (Beyond). What we do is to lead the children from the known world to explore the unknown.


The difference with other institutions

Many institutions only pay attention to English training or other individual course training. Rockin Learn dvocate the concept of whole-child education.

  1. Taking children's individual development as the main line, children's development happen in ecological environment, at the same time, children's development also depends on the individual, nature and the environment. As an educatee , child is not only a social person, but also a nature person. From this perspective, education ecology pays close attention to the interaction between people and the natural environment and the interaction between people and their surrounding social and cultural environment.