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Since modern times, education has experienced the following changes: in terms of time, it changed from  limited time into infinite life-long education; in terms of space, it changed from  classroom learning to   social learning; in terms of media it changed from learning by using textbooks to learning from real life; it terms of methodology, it changed from one-way teach to two-way dialogue; in terms of goal, it changed from being a useful person to being a whole person. It focused on  life and let it becomes the origin of education, and thus the new purpose of education is to pursue the development of people's lives.

Our teaching goal is full of humanistic spirit. Life education is to pursue the integrity of human life, that is, the integrity of personality, development and emotional and interest to meet the completion of life’s self-development, self-generation, and self-transcendence In the curriculum, we try to balance the needs of natural, social and autonomous development, and focus on consistency and differences, rational and irrational and individual needs and social needs of unity. We  want  children to  establish the concept of the holism, the principle of democracy, equality, and respect the individual differences and the concept of dynamic development, and earnestly deal with the dialectical relationship between people and nature, human being and society, man and himself.

Our curriculum is developed from real life experience.  It breaks through the shackles of the narrow scientific world, and to achieve harmony between the scientific world and the world of life, and to seek the integration of scientism and humanism. For us, nature is curriculum,  life is curriculum, and we ourselves are  the curriculum. From teaching process, the life-oriented teaching method is based on the development of students' lives, through the concern of their lives, to provide  the children the freedom to learn, enriched spiritual life and the right of self-exploration, so that students can get emotional experience, personality improvement and personality assertion. It is a process to enhance their life experience and value.

Our teaching methods are participatory and experience-oriented.  -. During the teaching process, we emphasize equal communication between teacher and the children, so that the children can conduct independent and innovative learning under the experiential and exploratory framework, and establish a democratic, equal and interactive new teacher-student relationship.

We advocate the co-existence of teacher-student relationship.  From the perspective of the development of teachers and students, we always bear in mind that  both the teachers and students are  real persons while conducting teaching activities, and they all have their own quality, awareness, emotions, ideas, beliefs and behaviors. Life-oriented education is the process of combining and developing the life of both.

Our education results emphasize individuality. Taking  children's individual development as the main line, children's development happen in ecological environment, at the same time, children's development also depends on the individual, nature and the environment. As an educatee , child is not only a social person, but also a nature person.

From this perspective, education ecology  pays close attention to the interaction between people and the natural environment and the interaction between people and their surrounding social and cultural environment.   ,  Only an emotional,  vivid, and rich life world can  meet  a child’s basic   mental, emotional and will needs. The ecology education which emphasizes a return to real life means a kind of education which returns back to nature, life and self, it means a  perfect combination of  rationality and humanity; it also means  the realistic and concrete unity of science, moral and art. The vitality of education is a "dynamic" education.